The iTeam assessment tool is a first in Team Coaching and high performance team development. It is used successfully and effectively for both business and sports teams.  Its premise is quite simple.

No high performance team is ever exactly the same – hence the lack of effective team models and guidelines in this area.  So although these teams are always different, there are some higher level paradoxes in which they are very similar, the iTeam measures those paradoxes.

The iTeam surfaces the key areas that contribute to team dynamics, finding out how each individual in the team perceives things AND how they believe things should be, so that you can shift perception into performance.

High Performance Teams achieve peak performance by finding their own unique balance amongst a set of paradoxical high performance principles.  Often this tends to happen accidently and sometimes not at all. The answers on how to achieve that balance do not sit with a consultant, leadership guru or a management book; the answers sit within your own team. The iTeam is the tool that you can use to find those answers, so that you can significantly improve your team’s performance.

This tool can effectively be used by team managers, coaches or leaders.  Each team members iTeam results are anonymously collated into easy to use reports (providing both qualitative and quantitative feedback) so that a highly effective and powerful conversation can occur; creating the building blocks to move your team from good to great and beyond.

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